ACT (Associates of Cygnet Theatre)

ACT – Associates of Cygnet Theatre – was formed in 1990 and since then members have been involved in lively and  varied ways holding fundraising events, acting as front of house  staff and promoting the work of the Company as well as  socialising at occasional post theatre buffet suppers to  introduce new theatre goers to Cygnet.

The subscription is £15 per annum for a single member, £25  for two people living at the same address, and yearly membership is  renewable every February. Pro rata subscription rates are  offered to those joining during the course of the year.

Members benefit
with a reduction on the price of their theatre ticket – or a free ticket if bringing four guests; occasional free  buffet suppers and newsletters giving information about ACT  activities.

ACT is:

  • Social – buffets, meeting the actors, working together
  • Supportive – stewarding, fund raising – enabling actors to learn from a working visit to the Edinburgh Festival. Bringing new audiences to our venue to support the work.
  • Special – discounted tickets. Invitations to assessments, lectures and exclusive events.

If you would enjoy any of this why not join us today?

To apply or renew your membership of ACT

Please download and complete the ACT Form and indicate whether you wish  to support the work by subscription only or wish to be actively involved in ushering at performances, contributing to buffet suppers and assisting with various fund raising events.

We look forward to your support!

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