Date: 25th May
Venue: Cygnet Theatre Friars Gate Exeter EX2 4AZ
Time: 10.30am-4.30pm
Cost: £22

Marina Caldarone is co-author, with Maggie Lloyd Williams, of the best selling Actions – an Actors Thesaurus, which system is now a compulsory teaching tool in drama schools across the world, and which terminology is used by professional directors and actors across the media.

Marina will lead an interactive and experiential workshop, explaining how the system works, and illustrating how it will enhance your performance choices, for rehearsal, performance and for castings.

Please bring a monologue of your choice, photocopied, or typed up exactly as written in the original.

Marina has been a theatre director for more than 30 years, she is a radio drama producer (a regular director on The Archers), is drama director of crying out loud productions, an acting coach, and a Theatre and Drama Consultant. She is a long time supporter of Cygnet Theatre and its unique training facility.