Alice in Wonderland

Thu 18 Oct | 7.30pm | £7 Adults/ £5 Children  Family Ticket £20


Alice in Wonderland
Cygnet Youth Theatre

extreme imagination logoJoin Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole into a wonderland full of strange and peculiar creatures. Have tea with the Mad Hatter, make friends with the Cheshire Cat….. and will the Red

Queen say “off with her head”?

Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece has been adapted & shortened to make this one hour piece specifically designed for families, and performed by young people.

With lovely costumes, scenery and great story telling this will be a delightful trip to Wonderland for everyone, not just Alice.

Cygnet Youth Theatre is a weekly drama class for 11-18 year olds. Taught by

industry professionals, 2 terms are dedicated to workshops, the other term to their performance.
The youth group work on a variety of techniques not taught anywhere else in Devon. The youth group runs on Monday evenings 7-9pm.