Friday 1st November
Tickets: £12



Buckets is a play by Adam Barnard and is an open script when the dialogue is not attributed to a specific character, meaning that it is completely open-ended as to how many characters and players can present it. It is a play about time and how, as our lives continue, it is running out. It is a series of short scenes that are written in such a way that it is open to the creativity or the director and producer as to how to put the performance together.

This presentation of the play is directed by Hannah Baxter-Freeman and explores this connection through technology and the impact it has on our lives. The team of seven experienced local actors use technology to link the scripted scenes and bring to the stage moments of light-hearted comedy alongside deep and emotional drama.

Buckets was first performed at the Orange Tree Theatre in May 2015 and is often used in drama coaching as it offers a large selection of powerful monologues and the opportunity to be creative with the text. The play’s thirty-three scenes are of varying length with some just being a couple of lines and others are mini-plays in their own right. The scenes reflect on themes such as sadness, happiness, sickness, wellness, youth, experience, crying and ultimately dying.

ABS Theatre is a professional theatre company based in South Devon. The company was founded in 2018 and is involved in a range of theatrical ventures from educational, site-specific, full productions and workshops.