Fire At The Clarence!

A new community play by Mark Carey.

Cygnet Theatre with Wren Music will celebrate the history of Exeter’s much loved Royal Clarence Hotel with a large-scale community production in Autumn 2017.

“Buildings hold something specific in their very fabric. To visit a house where a great person lived is to discover something about them that could never be described in a biography. This must have something to do with what has happened in these spaces. The walls must soak up something of the people who have spent time within them.

So what happens when those walls burn? Where do those traces go when these buildings are destroyed?

In October 2016 Exeter lost one of its most iconic buildings – the Royal Clarence Hotel. The reek of wet and smouldering plaster that filled the Cathedral Green that day was a smell not experienced since the Blitz.

Now the first Hotel in England is an empty shell.  Or is it?

Maybe, as the guests were led away to safety, the ghosts of those who had stayed in the hotel over hundreds of years rose up in the heat and walked away into the city.”            Mark Carey

Mark Carey’s new play brings vivid life to the famous, infamous and little known characters who lived, worked, played and died at the Royal Clarence Hotel.

                                              31     October        7.30pm                      
1 2 3 7 8 9 10 11   November   7.30pm
11   November     2.00pm

Tickets:  £10 (£8 Child, £30 Family Ticket)

What people said about Cygnet’s Community Production Trinity by Tom Nicholas (October 2014):

An interactive way of bringing history to life – very imaginative

Ambitious and creative production!  Held up well.  Loved cast & energy.

Inspired direction.  Beautiful, dynamic, charming, exciting … brilliant!!!