Clowning Workshop

Cygnet is continuing to open up workshops for professional actors to join, focusing on physical/ vocal release and acting techniques. Next up is a Clowning Workshop, run by NOS Three. Read below to find out more.

Clowning Workshop – An introductory day to the art of clown. In the workshop, we will work with the clown technique based on studies from Nose to Nose (an institute that covers works such as The Bataclown and the Sacred Art of Clown– France, to name but a few) and the pre-expressive technique researched by Eugênio Barba (Odin Theatret). Through different games and exercises creativity will be developed, not only individually but also collectively in a group.

Objects and costumes selected by the participants will help in the development of each individual. It will be a safe environment where each participant will discover their clown within.

What is Clowning?

“For me clowning is when I can be, understand and believe in myself, when I am truthful to my personality, where I can communicate easily to express how I feel. I have courage and feel stronger to do anything because for what humans call mistakes and failures, the clown calls play. It is through playing that learning happens and strength originates. I see things less seriously.”
Bianca Bertalot – Facilitator

What is Pre-Expressive?

The pre-expressive aims are to provide an opportunity for each individual to experiment on the principles of dilatation and manipulation of a person’s energy. This technique was initially researched by the Director Eugenio Barba (Odin Theatret), who sought to verify through the daily practice of a series of pre-expressive training exercises, the creation of a psychophysical state necessary to the scene. Like the dancer or musician, who maintains a systematic training for the development of his or her artistic technique, pre-expressive training provides the individual with the refinement of his or her abilities to manipulate their emotions and scenic energy. Among the  various exercises and techniques explored in the research developed by Eugênio Barba, there is the Clown technique.

20 May
Workshop Fee: £70/£50 concession
(25% discount when booking before end of April)
10am – 5pm
Suitable for 16+
For booking and more information please email Bianca on

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