Evening Actor Training

Evening Actor Training
In affiliation with Yat Bentley Centre for Performance, San Francisco

September – December 2018
Mondays: 6:30-9pm Stanislavski Fundamentals
£100 (for 6 classes)

Wednesdays: 6:30-9pm Yat Method Movement Psychology
£100 (for 6 classes)

(Or £180 for both classes)
Courses starting 29th October 2018

Lavinia Hollands is the UK Instructor of the Yat Bentley Centre for Performance, San Francisco. She is offering unique evening acting training for actors, writers, directors, and performers of all types in Exeter this September. Whether early, mid or professional career, this dynamic program is geared to bring out the unexpected and visionary in us all.

On Wednesdays, students are trained in the following areas that are fundamental to Yat’s work:

• Action and Effort
• The 4 Mental Factors
• The 4 Motion Factors
• The 8 Working Actions
• The 6 Inner Attitudes (Character Types)
• The 4 Externalized Drives.
• The confluence of Externalized Drives.
• Scenarios for all Inner Attitude types

On Mondays, students will take part in ‘Stanislavski Fundamentals’ focused on Stanislavski’s approach to acting in his later years and a springboard for Yat’s work and most actor training techniques. Students will focus on:

• Method of Physical Action
• Imagination
• Emotion Memory
• Objectives/Intentions
• Relaxation

More about the Yat Bentley Centre for performance: www.yatbentley.com
More about Lavinia Hollands: www.laviniahollands.com

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