Cygnet cannot currently offer any help with finances- although in some cases our current students can apply to our Trustees in cases of financial hardship. There are other ways you can source funding for your training here. We advise all students to contact your local education authority via your Council in the first instance to find out what funding might be available for you to apply to. We are not an accredited course, therefore student loans and DADA awards cannot be applied for. However, you can apply for a Professional and Career Development Loan – for details click here.

Cygnet is not an accredited course because we choose to operate as a professional company to give our students practical experience in acting- resulting in longevity of their careers. Learning now how to apply for funding is beneficial to any actor’s career, and a valuable tool for anyone wanting to work within the industry.

It is possible to raise funds from charities, trusts and foundations, however it is a time consuming project and needs careful planning and research.  There are many ways of raising funds: applications to grant-making trusts and public bodies for grants and subsidies; and to commercial companies for sponsorship.

We also advise students to find out about local charities and charitable trusts that offer grants and donations to actors and students.