His Return

Thu 22 NOV  |  7:30pm                   Wed 28 NOV   |   7.30pm
Fri  23 NOV   |  7:30pm                   Thur 29 NOV   |   7:30pm
Sat  24 NOV  |  3:00pm                    Fri 30 NOV     |    7:30pm
Sat  24 NOV  |  7:30pm                    Sat 1 DEC       |    7:30pm

Cygnet Company

One Act plays from the Great War.

Cygnet Company marks the centenary of the Armistice with His Return;  a selection of plays by John Galsworthy and Percival Wilde written in the years during and just after the First World War.

Each play explores an extraordinary moment in an ordinary life, far from the trenches and the horrors of battle, where, nevertheless, the distant reverberations of war are keenly felt.

A surgeon and a visitor have a ghostly experience in The Unseen Host

A prostitute and a British Officer struggle to connect in Defeat

A young woman must choose between two lovers  in The Sun

Two women dream of their beloved sons in Mothers of Men

A wife awaits her husband in His Return

Filled with drama, romance, tragedy and humour, His Return is a timely reminder of the humanity, hope and sacrifice of everyone touched by war.

Cygnet is a company of young actors from the UK & Europe who work as an ensemble to make exciting accessible theatre at our base in Friars Gate, Exeter and on tour.