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Summer 2024

The Comedy of Errors

3rd - 14th July

Various times


Leaflet back FINAL

At Cygnet & On Tour

the comedy of errors

Coming Soon!

I'm Sexy and i know it

25th October



A heartfelt comedy with a banging soundtrack. Come and experience Anna's jpurney of self-discovery where she learns to love the person she is!

And other wonders

20th September


AndOtherWonders (002)

Artemis Story-telling

Once upon a time there were three sisters, and three brothers, and a mortal king, a fruit of life, a mountain of glass, a witch in the woods with a knife, and a daughter, a slaughter and a sacrifice, a shared myth, a curse, a tragic truth, another world beyond a wall, the devil himself, and other wonders…

Fall into the surreal, enchanting and hallucinatory world of three wonder tales told by Sarah Liisa Wilkinson. We promise to return you in one piece… unless you choose to stay.

Half-English and half-Finnish, storyteller Sarah Lisa Wilkinson delights audiences with her engaging, energetic and playful performance style. She has told stories to people in the UK and internationally in theatres, clubs, pubs, festivals, churches, front rooms and all-night sleepovers. She is a member of The Embers Collective, a storytelling and music group in London.  “one of the brightest new talents to emerge in British storytelling” The Crick Crack Club

Ticket Price: £11 or £9 (pay what you can) Age restriction: 14+

Future Shows!

Ill met by moonlight

26th & 27th September



A one man show based on the life of Charles Laughton

Written and performed by Steve Bennett

The year is 1953, and nearing the end of a gruelling reading tour of North America the acclaimed British actor Charles Laughton, the star of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mutiny on the Bounty and an Academy award winner for The Private Life of Henry VIII, finds himself stranded in a Philadelphia theatre dressing room.  Alone and unable to escape, he is finally forced to reflect upon his life, his career and the difficult choices he’s had to make along the way.


Storytelling double bill

23rd November



Storytelling Double Bill: we bring you comedy & tragedy, local legend & global myth, daylight & darkness and an unforgettable night of story that will have you on the edge of your seats. Two UK storytellers at the top of their game.

The Unbelievable Adventures and Most Tragical Death of Tom Thumb, Knight of Arthur's Court

It's the time of King Arthur, and young Tom wants more than anything to be a knight at the court of Camelot. There's just one problem: Tom is only the size of a man's thumb and has a bad habit of being eaten by things... A many-stomached journey through the madcap adventures of one of Britain's most overlooked folklore heroes on his quest for recognition and glory. Amelia Ace Armande brings us a tale of heart, soul, and plenty of guts!  “Poised and sparkling” – Fringe Review

Walk By Night

It’s London, now, and a young woman is taking a short-cut home through the park. Her story shifts, becomes entangled in a dark knot of tales: Giles Abbott twists together threads of Devon song, Irish folktale, medieval Japanese legend and more. Watch where you tread – there is danger to and danger from those who walk by night…

Part of The Exeter Story Fix (www.artemis-storytelling.co.uk/storyfix)


Tickets £13/£11 or pay what you can