Specialist Screen Acting Workshop

Date:      10th May – 12th May
Venue:    Cygnet Theatre Friars Gate Exeter EX2 4AZ
Time:      10am -6pm
Cost:       £60


This three day workshop by film and TV director and screen acting tutor, Doug Rollins, provides a rare opportunity to discover the skills and techniques that are essential to understanding the art of screen acting.

You depend on trust and the collaboration of skilled personnel as a director, but all too often actors arrive at a casting, or worse, a shoot, technically ill equipped and sometimes hopelessly unprepared for the discipline and rigour of film acting.  I remain passionate and committed about preparing actors for the significant demands of the modern screen acting profession.

Professional actors are expected to seamlessly transition from one mode of performance to another, such as theatre to film. But it is nothing short of a disaster when you attempt to take your theatre preparation onto a film set, lacking the knowledge of the enormous challenges that lie ahead.

This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of  the skills, techniques, pitfalls and protocol that are essential to comprehend if you wish to achieve believable screen performances , or just learn the differences between what you do, what you think you do and what you want to do!

  • It will cover the casting process (if you don’t audition well, you don’t get work)!
  • There will be set acting challenges in sub text and understanding screenplay.
  • We will look at who’s who on a set and what they do, frame sizes, the language of film and the working environment including on set protocol and managing energy.
  • You will learn how the absence of an audience and the withdrawing of the need to ‘perform’ will liberate you as an actor and prepare you for the intensity of camera investigation and the magnification of your image.
  • You will participate in detailed exercises in listening, rhythm, scene dynamics and methods of accessing emotion.
  • Throughout the weekend there will be script/ scene development which will culminate in a series of short INT /EXT shoots, with playback and group review.

The course will be purely practical and will replicate a professional environment with a 35mm camera, lights and quality audio recording throughout the three days.

This will be enlightening, challenging and fun. With lots of coffee and great facilities at the Cygnet Theatre!


We’ll need you to complete an application form online