‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Buddha Babies’




Friday 10th May   7.30pm

Tickets £10



Artemis Storytelling presents Xanthe Gresham Knight

The Ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries involved enacting the myth of the Goddess Demeter and her daughter Kore. The ritual gave its participants ‘joy in life and hope in death.’ Following the loss of her mother, Gresham Knight goes in search of the sometimes bawdy, mind-blowing path of the initiate.The result is a recipe: ‘Buddha Babies’ the unconventional cookery show.

Xanthe Gresham Knight is a storyteller with a distinctive, physical, performance style, who delights in the absurd and preposterous. Alongside performances in theatres and art centres around the world, she works as a storyteller for Holland Park and The Chelsea Physic Garden and lectures on Storytelling Drama at the University of East London. Her 9 Goddess-inspired shows were funded by the Arts Council of England.
‘She unfolds each tale like the petals of a lotus. At the end, you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind.’ British Theatre Review.