Courses And Workshops

Stage Combat Workshop

Tuesday 14th September – Friday 24th September 2021 (weekdays only).

Standard – 8.30am start – 4pm finish.

Advanced – 8.30am start – 6pm finish

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A 9 day intensive course training students in stage combat. From beginners starting their stage combat training to advanced training for those who just can’t get enough combat kicks!

Standard training

Students will be given all the training and choreography to safely perform an Unarmed and Single Sword fight within a scripted scene. Techniques ranging from slaps and punches to intricate sword work will help participants to perform a thrilling scene on the final day of the intensive and will be examined by the British Academy of Dramatic Combat. With successful completion of the course, students will gain an industry recognised qualification that will prepare them for working in the business and give them the tools to approach stage combat work with confidence and skill.

Advanced training

For students who have already achieved their Standard qualification with the BADC this course really moves the performer to the next level of stage combat training. Weapons systems covered will include Rapier and Cloak, Sabre, and Unarmed combat – probably with a knife thrown in for good measure! Advanced students will be taught complex sequences of moves, all intricately linked to the story’s narrative, culminating in three gripping fight scenes performed at the end of the intensive for their BADC examination. Students awarded ‘distinction’ by the BADC examiner in two of their fights will attain the level of ‘Intermediate’ while those returning students with a total of four ‘distinctions’ become ‘Advanced’ fighters with the BADC.

What to expect…

In collaboration with Cygnet, Captivate-Action teachers Andrew Young and Amy Floyd will work you hard both physically and mentally. While this course will test your metal in more ways than one we also strive to make the whole experience as fun and rewarding as possible – because if you’re learning to safely swing a sword at each other it should be fun!

A little something extra…

This year we will be having a Fight Night! on the penultimate evening of the course. This is a great opportunity for participants to have a dress run before the big day as well as for friends and family to come and see what we’ve all been up to (don’t worry there’s no audience participation!)